Joiner Account Executive

Nasr City, Egypt

As a Joiner Account Executive, you'll be acting as a link between clients and the agency. And they are responsible for building up a business through gaining new customers, accounts & maintaining the current ones.

Your exact level of responsibility may vary widely, according to your experience and seniority. However, that said, your essential duties and responsibility are mentioned below.


1. To generate high quality leads that result in profitable new accounts or projects.

2. To develop and execute new business proposals.

3. To make presentations to clients and to negotiate and to close sales.

4. To coordinate appropriate BC resources to maximize the quality of each new business proposal.

5. To build good relationships with potential and existing clients.

Job Description

6. Meet clients for briefings and present proposals to clients for approval 7. Brief agency colleagues, and work with them to plan and implement the best DTC solutions for the client 8. Ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget. Long hours are common, and DTC staffs are expected to work flexibly to meet project deadlines. 9. Responding to clients' requests as they arise

10. Project management

11. To work with the team to achieve performance targets.

12. Administering accounts and writing reports.